My name is Christine Daae. I am an opera singer. Music has been a part of my life since I was born, it is one of the most important parts of my life. It keeps me connected to my father Gustave who was a violin player.
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Say You Love Me
wakingsilentandresigned asked:I guarantee you'll be satisfied with what I can put on the table.
londonsmostlovelygirl answered:

"And what is that?"


Choosing to ignore the fact that Christine had read the letter, she sighed deeply and rubbed her temples. She felt nervous about reading it, but knew she must. “Alright. Let me see it.”

Christine saw how distressed she was and knew how distressed she would be once she actually read the letter.

"Please know I bring this with the best intentions." She said handing her the folded paper. 

Anonymous asked:Hey Eve, what would you do if you had Hyde tied to a chair naked?

"Leave him there for a while, return, get him aroused and stop before he climaxes and repeat that process several times over until he was begging."

Anonymous asked:Hey Eve, is there anything Hyde hasn't done to you yet that you'd like him to?

"Give me control…."

Anonymous asked:Yes, 3 people in bed. Hyde taking turns with both of you. What do you think?

"I think that only sounds amusing for one person….."

[Eve: Literal cock tease.]

Anonymous asked:(You should do an "Ask Eve".)

[Ask box is ALWAYS open for that. Just let me know it’s for her and not Christine.]

Anonymous asked:What would you do if Hyde brought Emma over for a threesome?

For the next five questions my Muse can not tell a lie.


"What is a threesome? Do you mean three people….in bed?"

Anonymous asked:You should ride Henry's dick.

"I should not."

Anonymous asked:TMI Tuesday: Dos Hyde's tongue between your legs make your toes curl?

"He’s never left it there, it’s unfortunately still attached to him. "

For the next five questions my Muse can not tell a lie.

Abuse this.

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Our muses have just lost their first child together, how does yours react?

I’m still waiting for your apology
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