My name is Christine Daae. I am an opera singer. Music has been a part of my life since I was born, it is one of the most important parts of my life. It keeps me connected to my father Gustave who was a violin player.
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Say You Love Me
londonsmostlovelygirl asked:"Whoa, that's purple... It looks like your shoulder is dislocated."
wakingsilentandresigned answered:

"You do not need to worry about it. I will be fine…"




"No, you don’t understand." How could she? "A doctor is the one who did this to me…"

Emma blinked hard, unable to comprehend what she had just heard. Was it simply malpractice or was this intentional? Her own dear Doctor Jekyll would never allow this sort of harm upon his patient, and she found it hard to believe that there were doctors out there who would. “How did this happen?”

Christine knew very well who she was, and telling her the very man she loved was the one who’d done this to her would certainly shock her. 

"It-it was an accident…"

Anonymous asked:Christine, have you EVER masturbated or wanted to?


[She doesn’t know how……so you know.]

Anonymous asked:Hey Christine, how sensitive are your nipples?

ask about my muses’ body


[More sensitive than most and before a certain time of the month, they are climax inducing if touched right.]


[The “Not Me” anon is back and leaving things for Cassie. Hilarious.]

[HAHA, omg. It’s not the other person I think it is either.]

Anonymous asked:one day you're going to lose your voice forever

[That is one of her biggest fears and why she is extremely careful with her voice and taking care of it.]

Anonymous asked:hyde is going to make you sing for him while you bang

"He would have to know how difficult that would be…."

Anonymous asked:raoul wishes you had stayed with erik

"if that were true, he would have let me stay…"

Anonymous asked:you are going to die while having sex with hyde

"I highly doubt he would ruin his enjoyment by killing me."

Anonymous asked:hyde tells everyone at the opera house what you are doing with him

"Why would they listen to him? They don’t know him."

Anonymous asked:raoul hates you

"Someone that hates me would not have proposed to me nor stormed down to the lair to save me…"

[I have so many anons…….it’s like I’m Steph or something.]


thinking bout my internet friends like



Anonymous asked:Hyde's going to cut your tongue out, leave you almost dead and abandoned on the street, your voice lost forever.

"That would be worse than death…."

[anyone want to chat on skype? I’m getting through drafts but need social interaction]