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My name is Christine Daae. I am an opera singer. Music has been a part of my life since I was born, it is one of the most important parts of my life. It keeps me connected to my father Gustave who was a violin player.
OOC- This is an independent RP and Ask blog. The portrayal will be based mostly on the 2004 movie and the stage musical with some minor book elements. My face claim is Emmy Rossum. Accepts M!A's. Don't acceptLND as canon.
I track my tag #wakingsilentandresigned and the commonly mis-typed #walkingsilentandresigned She also lives in multi-verses and ships. Talk to me, let's work it out.
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Guys, just a comment, but no one owns anyone else’s follow button. You have not entered some binding contract when you click it. That’s why the unfollow button instantly appears in it’s place. Getting up in arms because someone unfollowed is just a waste of time and energy.

Likewise, holding the threat of unfollowing over someone’s head is pretty ridiculous too. Tumblr isn’t even a site where you need x-number of followers to unlock certain privileges.


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I highly recommend you follow the person I reblogged this from.

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reblog perma

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You love it when Hyde fucks you, don't you?


For the next five questions my Muse can not tell a lie.


"Physically, there is some enjoyment."

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For the next five questions my Muse can not tell a lie.

Abuse this.

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But senpai, you are hella rad. You write wonderfully, understand Christine really well, and portray her spectacularly. Hence why I say you're a hella rad Christine.


[Aww…thanks cutie. I try but I have doubts and stuff so this is always nice to hear.]

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It's because you're a hella rad Christine.


{Lol since when?}

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((But Utterson singing “and I feel I’ll live on forever with Satan himself by my side”))

[Oh God…

Also Henry’s bad coats….]

((*war flashbacks*
Also Lucy’s pirate costume…. she would fit in on sliders))

{She needs more guns.}

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Reblog if you are legitimately shocked by the number of followers you have.

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"I sleep with your fiancee nightly..."







"You know that is not really my fiance, how dare you say such a thing.”

"It is him, "

"It is his body nothing more."

"Don’t you wonder why he continued to take the formula even after he knew what it did?"

"I do, but I am sure he has his reasons. He would not do anything for the sole purpose of harming me or anyone else."

"I don’t think even he understands them anymore."

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The idea was absurd. Every rational thought in her head told her to steer clear of this girl, that she was crazy. And yet, something told her this girl was to be believed. “I need to see him right away then. No more stalling. Please, take me to Henry now.”

"Very well, follow me."

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Fear Can Turn To Love



He knew, of course, how she would respond; he only hoped she would go peacefully. If she left now, with hours to spare before Hyde returned, there was a chance she would live, but to allow her to remain would be the same as killing her. The only way to overcome Hyde was to be fully himself, free of distraction, doubt, and despair. For that, Christine had to be gone. He would not be swayed, even if it meant physically removing her.

Standing aside, he looked at her as sternly as he could without being harsh.

"You belong to no one but yourself. It doesn’t matter what he or anyone else says; you are free. Take that chance while you still have it - or I myself will infringe upon that freedom and force you from this house."

"If I leave, he will only become angrier with me. My life would be more in danger once he found me." Christine knew there was little she could say to convince him. Henry was gong to move her no matter what she said. If he did she would have to leave a note for Hyde explaining what had happened.

"I’m not worth saving, he’s going to do what he pleases with me no matter what you or I do."

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I highly recommend you follow the person I reblogged this from.

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The second to last gif in your gif folder is your muse’s reaction to the power going out.




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